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19 Free Javascript Ebooks & Resources

19 Free Javascript Ebooks & Resources

Javascript – ranked as the 8th most popular programming language in the world (based on the TIOBE index as of March 2016 – Source), there’s really nothing to lose learning this amazing programming language. The possibilities is endless and with so much freely available tutorials and resources out there, learning it should never been an issue for anyone. JAVA in the other hand is ranked #1 using the same source above.

In this post, we covered 19 free Javascript ebooks & resources, majority of them are freely available as online reading only. Popular ebook formats are available but needs to be purchased. If you feel that the information is beneficial and helps you in various ways, try and help the author by purchasing them. Most of the items listed here accept contributions, so if you’re a seasoned programmer and have any tips or tricks to share, feel free to get the ideas moving. The sites listed below usually have various contact details that you can use.

Happy learning and happy coding. Don’t forget that coffee!

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Click here to download Building Backbone.js Applications
Click here to download HTML 5 Shoot 'em Up in an Afternoon
Click here to download JavaScript For Cats
Click here to download Learn Javascript
Click here to download The JavaScript Tutorial
Click here to download Book on Building Front-End Web Apps with Plain JavaScript
Click here to download Human Javascript
Click here to download Javascript Garden
Click here to download Programming JavaScript Applications
Click here to download Understanding ECMAScript 6
Click here to download DOM Enlightenment
Click here to download JavaScript Allongé (ES5)
Click here to download JavaScript Spessore
Click here to download Single Page Apps in Depth
Click here to download Your First Meteor Application
Click here to download Eloquent JavaScript (Second Edition)
Click here to download Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
Click here to download jQuery Trickshots
Click here to download Speaking Javascript
  1. Building Backbone.js Applications by Addy Osmani – Online reading only (HTML), 16 Chapters
  2. Shed some light on how to improve the structure of your web applications, opening doors to what will hopefully be more maintainable, readable applications in your future.

  3. Book on Building Front-End Web Apps with Plain JavaScript by Gerd Wagner – Online reading only (HTML), 23 Chapters
  4. This book shows how to build front-end web applications with plain JavaScript, not using any (third-party) framework or library. Comes with the complete JavaScript code of 6 example apps, having 8,658 lines of code.

  5. DOM Enlightenment by Cody Lindley – Online reading only (HTML), 12 Chapters
  6. Exploring the relationship between JavaScript and the modern HTML DOM.

  7. Eloquent JavaScript (Second Edition) by Marijn Haverbeke – Online reading only (HTML) – English, Bulgarian, Portuguese & Russian, 21 Chapters
  8. A Modern Introduction to Programming

  9. HTML 5 Shoot ’em Up in an Afternoon by Bryan Bibat – Online reading only (HTML), 11 Chapters
  10. Learn (or teach) the basics of Game Programming with this free Phaser tutorial.

  11. Human Javascript by @HenrikJoreteg – Online reading only (HTML), 15 Chapters
  12. Build powerfully simple browser apps.

  13. JavaScript Allongé (ES5) by Reg ‘raganwald’ Braithwaite – Online reading only (HTML), 12 Chapters
  14. A long pull of functions, combinators, & decorators.

  15. Learning JavaScript Design Patterns by Addy Osmani – Online reading only (HTML), 16 Chapters
  16. Design patterns are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems in software design. They are both exciting and a fascinating topic to explore in any programming language.

  17. JavaScript For Cats by Maxwell Ogden (@denormalize) – Online reading only (HTML), 12 Chapters
  18. An introduction for new programmers. So easy your human companion could do it too!

  19. Javascript Garden by Ivo Wetzel, Zhang Yi Jiang & Tim Ruffles – Online reading only (HTML), 6 Chapters
  20. Growing collection of documentation about the most quirky parts of the JavaScript programming language.

  21. JavaScript Spessore by Reginald “raganwald” Braithwaite – Online reading only (HTML), 11 Chapters
  22. A thick shot of objects, metaobjects & protocols.

  23. jQuery Trickshots by Tutorialzine – PDF, EPUB, Kindle & Examples in HTML (requires email), 125 pages (PDF)
  24. 100 advanced jQuery techniques, developed over the years, presented as easy to understand tips.

  25. Learn Javascript by – PDF, EPUB, Kindle & Online reading (HTML), 8 Chapters
  26. This book will teach you the basics of programming and Javascript.

  27. Programming JavaScript Applications by Eric Elliott – Online reading only (HTML), 10 Chapters
  28. Designed to build on your existing knowledge and discuss JavaScript features and techniques that will make your code easier to work with over time.

  29. Single Page Apps in Depth by Mixu – PDF, EPUB, Kindle & Online Viewing (HTML), 5 Chapters
  30. It’s not an API reference on a particular framework, rather, the focus is on discussing patterns, implementation choices and decent practices.

  31. Speaking Javascript by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer – Online reading only (HTML), 33 Chapters
  32. An in-depth guide for programmers.

  33. The JavaScript Tutorial by Ilya Kantor – Online reading only (HTML), 7 Chapters
  34. HTML5 is great. jQuery is cool. Node.JS is awesome. Base them on the solid, powerful basement of pure JavaScript and you can rock the web! 😉

  35. Understanding ECMAScript 6 by Nicholas C. Zakas – Online reading only (HTML), 14 Chapters
  36. The JavaScript core language features are defined in a standard called ECMA-262. The language defined in this standard is called ECMAScript, of which the JavaScript in the browser and Node.js environments are a superset.

  37. Your First Meteor Application by David Turnbull – PDF (requires email), Online reading only (HTML), 15 Chapters
  38. Build modern, real-time web applications for both desktop and mobile platforms.