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13 Free Ebooks Compilation #1 – August 2020

13 Free Ebooks Compilation #1 – August 2020

We will be compiling free legal ebooks twice a month and will be publishing them in this format so that you’ll be able to view and pick all within a page. Individual / single ebook postings will continue based on quality as well as if it provides clear and simple direct downloads for interested readers. In this post we’ve covered 13 free ebooks from different categories and genres. Do take note that all titles are free at the time of posting and may be taken down by their respective authors without any prior warnings. If you by any chance encounter any dead-links, feel free to get in touch with us to let us know. Most of the links provide direct downloads but we will let you know if certain titles require registration or just your email.

If you wish to submit your own ebooks, feel free to post your ebook(s) at our Facebook Group, and we will pick it up from there. Feel free to share any other free ebook resources that are worth mentioning as well.

How to Study for a Wine or Spirits Theory Exam

The Bubbly Professor

This material, based on extended research as well as my personal experience as a lifelong learner and professional educator, was originally published-bit by bit-as a series of blog posts on my personal blog, the Bubbly Professor.

I began to post learning-and education-based articles on the blog many years ago. I had noticed, over the decades, that my students’ whether they be young or old, based in the United States or China, college students or middle-aged career-changers all shared the same common concerns about how best to tackle the overwhelming task of studying wine and spirits. Eventually, I ended up with a series of articles directed at adult learners that were scattered throughout the blog and as such, not conducive to ease-of-use.

For that reason, I have put together this booklet that brings all the information together in one place. It is currently offered free-of-charge and available to all interested parties on the blog.

PDF (50 pages)

A Graphic Guide to Evidence

Edmar D. Lerios

21 chapters
Admissibility & Judicial Notice, Judicial Admission & Documentary Evidence, Original Document Rule, Exceptions to the Original Document Rule, Duplicates & Summaries, Parol Evidence Rule, Witness Disqualifications, Privileged Communications, Admissions and Confessions, Hearsay Rule, Opinion Rule, Character Evidence, Burden of Proof, Presumptions, Presentation of Evidence, Authentication & Proof of Documents, Offer and Objection, Weight and Sufficiency of Evidence, Practice Tips on Objections, Practice Tips on Cross-Examination, Practice Tips on Impeachment.

PDF (53 pages)

Travel, Truth and Lies Unmasked

Martin Lindstrom

During the pandemic Intertek’s purpose of making the world a better, safer and more sustainable place has never been more relevant. So, we’ve teamed up with New York Times best-selling author, Martin Lindstrom to launch a new, free-to-download COVID-safe travel tips eBook.

The book is based on unique industry insights and interviews with pilots, airlines and hotel chains, as well as Intertek Protek subject matter experts. Intertek Protek is the world’s first health, safety and well-being assurance programme – designed to protect people, workplaces and public spaces. Whether you’re considering business or leisure travel, we hope you will enjoy reading this book before you set off.

PDF (90 pages)

Wisdom of the Idiots

Idries Shah

In Idries Shah’s Wisdom of the Idiots, the ‘idiots’ are Sufis, called this because their wisdom penetrates to a depth which renders it inaccessible to the merely intelligent or academically knowledgeable.

The exercise-stories of the Sufis are tools prepared for a specific purpose. On this level the movements of the characters in a story portray psychological processes, and the story becomes a working blueprint of those processes.

Wisdom of the Idiots has been awarded many prizes, including two gold medals, one for being ‘Best Book’, in conjunction with UNESCO’s World Book Year.

OpenBook (Read Online) – 218 pages

Digital Foundations: Introduction to Media Design with the Adobe Creative Cloud

Xtine Burrough, Michael Mandiberg

Digital Foundations uses formal exercises of the Bauhaus to teach the Adobe Creative Suite. All students of digital design and production—whether learning in a classroom or on their own—need to understand the basic principles of design in order to implement them using current software. Far too often design is left out of books that teach software for the trade and academic markets. Consequently, the design software training exercise is often a lost opportunity for visual learning. This revised edition updates the original text for use with Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 software.


The Malawian Dream – Personal Financial Freedom

Moses Chavi

The subject of money is not one of the easiest to discuss. It’s either the audience get quickly sceptical and ignore the subject all-together, or the first sentiments have to do with whether the speaker has enough money to deserve a sit at the talking-table.

There are others who believe this subject should only be addressed by those who have fat bank accounts and have made & lost enough money on the way. Contrary to these opin- ions, I have learnt through experience that different classes of people embrace different pas- sions, and the more the poor wait for the rich to teach them how to make money (and to be- come financially secure), the more the rich stay away from the ‘strugglers’. Trust you me, many capitalists will continue to milk money from the society at the mercy of many hungry faces, without caring about knowledge-impartation or wealth transfer.

PDF (12 pages)

The Plant-Based recipe Cookbook


The meat and dairy industries have marketed their products to convince most of the country that there’s no way to get the protein, calcium, and nutrition you need without the animal products they sell. Don’t fall for their marketing tactics.

A Plant-based diet is rapidly becoming the fastest growing trends in fitness. So when people say you need to eat to have meat, dairy and other animal products to build muscle, gain strength or compete in a bodybuilding contest, they are so wrong!

It’s only when we make up our own minds to do our own research about the real truth, only then can we be free from the norm and that’s what I did as well as thousands of other vegan athletes around the world and so can you.

PDF (55 pages) – Requires Email

I Am Alive In Sushant

Rudrabha Mukherjee

The dream that drives me is to convert as many Maths haters into Maths lovers as I can. I have made worthwhile and fulfilling triumph in my strife to do so too, which has solely worked to fuel my efforts and add to my hunger of reaching out to and aiding as many individuals as possible.

I am proud to declare that my students have secured gold medals in various competitive events and also include class/school/foundation coaching/zonal toppers.

One thing about me that any of my students or friends know for sure is that for mathematics and education I am always with them. It is my passion and if it drives me to go out of my way to help someone, then that’s all well and good!

All formats

Racism in America

Annette Gordon-Reed

Racism in America has been the subject of serious scholarship for decades. At Harvard University Press, we’ve had the honor of publishing some of the most influential books on the subject. The excerpts in this volume—culled from works of history, law, sociology, medicine, economics, critical theory, philosophy, art, and literature—are an invitation to understand anti-Black racism through the eyes of our most incisive commentators.

Readers will find such classic selections as Toni Morrison’s description of the Africanist presence in the White American literary imagination, Walter Johnson’s depiction of the nation’s largest slave market, and Stuart Hall’s theorization of the relationship between race and nationhood.


Uniqueness in Anime Gems: Making The Choice For You

Lita Kino

You have probably have checked this out because you’re in need of a change of anime pace. A break up from the hype of seasonal anime and classics, you’re then diving into the anime treasure trove looking for those unnoticed, unpopular gems that are left in the dust. But you have nowhere to start? This is the constant problem I had until I decided to do something about that. The definition of a ‘gem’ among the anime sphere is subjective to others.

My own definition of a gem is made up of two things: unique factor and noone knows about. This e-book I created centred on these two values. Sure you can look up lists and youtube videos under reference of ‘anime gems’ ‘unknown anime’. But how are you going to know what is even considered a gem? I want you to consider this ebook as a broken down guide for you – a starting point.

PDF (44 pages)

How to Start a Podcast – From TalkShoe, the all-in-one podcasting platform

Alexandra Karkaby

It’s always been known that seeing is believing, but nowadays, we’re shifting more towards hearing is knowing. Living in a fast-paced, knowledge-hungry society, podcasts are the perfect medium to consume information when you’re sitting at home or on the go. Half of American homes are listening to podcasts, with over 20% of the population tuning in on a weekly basis.

It’s easier now than ever to start a podcast. With a variety of podcasting platforms, tools, and veterans willing to share their tips and tricks, we have compiled the best practices for you.

PDF (16 pages)

A Hangover Free Life

Louise Rowlinson

A Hangover Free Life provides advice, support and encouragement to help people manage their drinking and quit for good. This booklet was developed by Louise Rowlinson, a health care professional within the UK NHS healthcare system, and someone who tried to moderate their drinking for years and eventually decided that it was just easier to stop completely. And so she did on 21st September 2013 and wrote about her journey on a blog which you can visit at

She would like to thank the NHS Stop Smoking Service and ‘Smokefree’ campaign for providing the template for this booklet design. She would love to see this service one day be offered completely free of charge by the NHS. Until that time comes this booklet is offered to help you.

PDF (28 pages)

Textbook of Pathology – Sixth Edition

Harsh Mohan

For the Sixth Edition, Dr Mohan has partially restructured the book, substantially revised it, and updated the text wherever it was necessary. Following the advances of basic sciences and clinical pathology, the revisions and addition are most evident in portions pertaining to molecular biology and genetics. Other aspects of modern pathology have not been neglected either and contain numerous novelties; even the seasoned specialists will learn something new from each and every chapter. Furthermore, the author has dramatically increased the number of illustrations, which are so essential for understanding Pathology. The distribution of illustrations has also been changed so that they are now much closer to the text to which they relate.

PDF (949 pages)