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12 Top Book Youtubers – Everything You Need to Know About Books

Booktubers are pretty much similar to bookstagrammers from Instagram, but using different visuals and presentation. But the concept behind it is still the same despite the major difference between and image and a video. You’ll find wide range of topics covered by this great individuals, covering topics from book reviews, book hauls, jokes, author interviews, shelf tours, book recommendations and even a mixture of their own vlogs. You can approach these youtubers if you need your book to be reviewed, asssuming they do it.

If you’re not in the mood to read or searching new inspirations to explore new books to read, these channels could be what you’re searching for. Drop by to these channels and subscribe for a good dose of laughter and new discoveries. And of course don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel with book related videos with a slight different twist.

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