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12 Tools All Kindle Users Use to Access Their Kindle’s Notes & Highlights

12 Tools All Kindle Users Use to Access Their Kindle’s Notes & Highlights

To all of us who own a Kindle, I believe one of the most interesting feature that most of us would have probably used is the highlight / note tool. Interesting events, quotes, phrases and even the occasional poems may catch your attention. Perhaps it sparked a new business idea or helped you in forming your next weekend’s outdoor activity. What one should do when one comes across such wonderful information? We usually highlight them and leave a note should there be any. The question is – how do you access these highlights / notes when you don’t have your Kindle with you? Afraid not as this post helps you in that very area. Not only does Amazon have its own highlight and note reader for your Kindle, but there are other online apps out there that make it even better.

Better in the sense that you may even send your “other” compiled notes to Kindle, sync it with other note-taking apps out there like Pocket, compile all highlights into a knowledge base and many many more. Although the compilation below may not be a big one, hopefully it’ll aid in your tasks to rekindle all your highlights nonetheless. It’d be quite interesting to view all your old highlights in one place, no doubt bringing back memories of past reading sessions.

12 Tools All Kindle Users Use to Access Their Kindle’s Notes & Highlights

  1. ReadwiseThe best way to remember your ebooks & articles.
  2. BookcisionGet your Kindle highlights out of the cloud and onto your computer.
  3. Pocket to Kindle (P2K)Send articles saved in Pocket to your Kindle.
  4. UnhoardRediscover things from your Pocket every week.
  5. KnotesAn efficient, beautiful Kindle highlights & notes manager.
  6. KlibKindle & iBooks Highlights Manager.
  7. ReadsmartTurn your Kindle highlights into a knowledge base.
  8. ClippingsOrganize the notes you make on your Kindle.
  9. BooxiaSave & review highlights from Kindle & Web pages.
  10. Kindle MateA neat tool with rich features designed to sync, organize, import & export Kindle clippings (Kindle highlights and notes) and Kindle Vocabulary Builder words on computer.
  11. CalibreIt can manage the ebooks on your Kindle – and it can also collect and organize your annotations.
  12. Amazon Kindle HighlightsView the highlights or notes you’ve taken while on your Kindle.

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