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11 Free Thriller and Mystery Ebooks by Lucus Anthony Ren

11 Free Thriller and Mystery Ebooks by Lucus Anthony Ren

Who is Lucus Anthony Ren?

There is a lot to see while growing up on a small farm in a hi-desert community in Southern California. There’s even more to it when you start having funny ideas in your head from an over excited imagination, which came in handy when life sends you what it will.

Now semi-retired living amounts dogs, mountains, and exotics foods, writing is just a release for which if you didn’t insanity would tip-toeing amongst thoughts you had as a child keeping you up those nights waiting for just that right something to come from behind the half-open door…

Below you’ll find 11 of Lucus’ free ebooks on all popular formats, covering mystery, thriller, fantasy and also some short stories.

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The following free ebooks come in all popular formats.

Mr E by Lucus Anthony Ren

Mr E
From the 1840’s gold rush in California to a few years from now a young boy seeks out the connections between the giant in the desert and the all seeing VISUALS, how the lovers a hundred years ago resurface in an old abandon canoe, and what that scraping noise under his bed late at night waking him from nightmares along twisting paths dimly lite lasting forever. Lucas Anthony Ren has a tale about the what if’s and the all powerful technology we live in, how a  youth growing into a man can change even the best of us.

Steerage by Lucus Anthony Ren

The spring of 1928, drifting through that water which the ‘Princess Salima’ calmly makes headway, her last voyage, where a women returns from her cabin below into the sunny afternoon, only to find the the ship empty, its crew vanished, until 40 years later they returned, with a message dark, full of fear, and mystery, not our own tempo, of what we may become.

Bind by Lucus Anthony Ren

A lost cargo ship emerges 37 years after it vanished without a trace. Heroes from the high school football team disappear during an after game party, while special agents are baffled over a hand found on Monkey Mountain. Lucus Anthony Ren takes us into darken areas of ourselves we seldom travel, for reasons while most are able to find and use the map, the lights simply go out.

Who Stole Know by Lucus Anthony Ren

Who Stole Know
A small desert town wakes to find during the night ‘know’ was stolen. With mayhem spreading can it be found? There your brain simply stopped. It had to. It tired understanding all of what it saw, and had seen from the time it woke up till now, looking, hearing, touching, and smelling this world. But the brain was trying to think. It knew, but couldn’t know. Because knowing, it seemed, was gone from everything.

Vanning by Lucus Anthony Ren

Set late in the 1920’s a caravan trail master encounters corruption while transporting supplies deep in Central Asia desert. Lucas Anthony Ren tells of a stranger desert, mixed of long ago lust and greed, now emerging from that depth, the cursed grey rain.

Honestly Speaking by Lucus Anthony Ren

Honestly Speaking
Satirical variant approach of “Honestly Speaking” a possible common preface to a lie thus avoiding its phrase in all communications, while parallel universes and eternal return the opposite occurs. Saying those words appears whatever stated prior (before those words) wasn’t completely true. “Honestly Speaking” provokes considerable discussion from describing the word as manipulative suggesting it implies the speaker’s honesty is actually in doubt.

Hard Monkey by Lucus Anthony Ren

Hard Monkey
Yet the man was killed. How did you manage? No witness reported seeing you either, although you were clearly there and viewed by many. You even entered the front door and left the same, but the doorman stated soundly he´d seen no one for an hour prior to the victim’s arrival, which was the security custom for such a person. The new psychological short story from Lucus Anthony Ren is about you.

Markers by Lucus Anthony Ren

If the world slid down into some darken pit, not even the most insane could imagine that night, forming a thick stench-full river where clumps of malformed humans their arms reaching out of, where heads floated past who’s eyes had fallen showing only empty black holes and gaping toothless grins. What happens when we stop reading? Lucas Anthony Ren sends us into that area without boundaries where understanding who is writing, isn’t the question. Rather, what comes next. After it stops.

Naked Letter by Lucus Anthony Ren

Naked Letter
Think now. While you can. It will start soon. You’ll be distracted. Letters written to a man in prison in another country. Slowly they begin unraveling his past he can’t recall clearly. Why was he here, and where exactly is that? Who is writing them? And could he have done what the letters spoke of?

Pinned by Lucus Anthony Ren

Of these three short stories within Pinned, I believe I heard someone say something, in a way. And it was in this way I learned I was insane probably from birth. Because I didn’t think in any other way, and it was as long as I remembered, that last 39 years. Almost 40. It was 1974, and fear took hold. I’ll finish the story. Mind you I’m not exaggerating. Just I wouldn’t want to understand. I’d be happy to die not knowing the full details.

Shut Eye by Lucus Anthony Ren

Shut Eye
Sleep when you can, when you should. Try not to think much whether how often that is, or how much. Try not disturbing others while they sleep, respecting the time they need. Interesting in all this, how dreams are altered, and if you they were dreams, or not. The new short story from Lucus Anthony Ren, a small town where no one has slept for days, where dreams may come real, but do they want that?