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101 Things To Know About Being An Introvert

101 Things To Know About Being An Introvert

101 Things To Know About Being An Introvert

by Diane Corriette

Growing up my environment convinced me I was shy. I didn’t talk much, I liked to be on my own and I hated social gatherings and paries. As I grew older and became familiar with the term ‘introvert’ I knew that I wasn’t shy but just an introvert. Many people belive that an introvert is a shy person but they are two different things.

In this eBook I go through the difference between someone who is an introvert and someone who is shy. I list out 101 things to know about being an introvert if you are one (or think you are) and also write it in such a way to help extroverts who live and/or works with an introvert.

We have a major contribution to make to the world and we do – all we need is to stop being judged and treated as if there is something wrong with us. In an extrovert world an introvert can believe they are being pushed aside but a person can only be pushed aside if they allow it to happen.

I hope all female introverts enjoy this eBook and are helped by it.

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101 Things To Know About Being An Introvert – 35 pages, 926 KB (PDF)

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  1. Dilip

    Dear madam,
    I have gone through your ebook.I have found 101 qualities matches with my personality. I am happy now to be an Introvert person.
    Thanx for your guidance

    Yours faithfully


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