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100 Free Supernatural Fiction Web-Serials and Ebooks

100 Free Supernatural Fiction Web-Serials and Ebooks

The supernatural encompasses all entities, places and events that would fall outside the scope of scientific understanding of the laws of nature. This includes categories of entities which transcend the observable Universe, such as immaterial beings like angels, gods, and spirits. It also includes claimed human abilities like magic, telekinesis, precognition, and extrasensory perception.

Amongst academics, readers and collectors, however, supernatural fiction is often classed as a discrete genre defined by the elimination of “horror”, “fantasy”, and elements important to other genres. The one genre supernatural fiction appears to embrace in its entirety is the traditional ghost story.

You’re likely to see a wide range of books, graphic novels, and short stories in the supernatural and paranormal genres. Though these genres are closely related to one another, there are subtle differences between the two.

Supernatural, as described above, incorporates elements that cannot be understood by science and operate outside the rules of the real world. Paranormal genre may include supernaturalist elements, this fiction genre generally includes creatures that have been popularized by folklore, fairy tales, and popular culture, such as fairies, aliens, shapeshifters, and the undead.

Some iconic works of supernatural fiction include:

  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (1823)
  • The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe (1843)
  • Uncle Silas by Sheridan Le Fanu (1864)
  • The Turn of the Screw by Henry James (1898)
  • Ghost Story by Peter Straub (1979)
  • Pet Sematary by Stephen King (1983)

In this collection, a majority of these Supernatural stories are from the web-serials category, meaning that the author publishes his or her stories, chapters or portions of their stories periodically on their blogs or websites. Usually, you won’t find a downloadable ebook for this format and you need to read the story entirely online. To some of the authors, they may provide a downloadable copy once they’ve completed their story. Happy reading!

100 Free Supernatural Fiction Web-Serials and Ebooks

  1. A Guide to City Living, by John Desmond by Dan Sos
  2. Adventures in Viktorium by Peter von Harten
  3. An Agent of K.Oss by Mark Bryan
  4. An Un-Ideal Eternity by Inigo Sharpe
  5. Antlers, Colorado by Marn
  6. As They Walk Among Us by William Long aka Weeble
  7. Awakenings by Erin M. Klitzke
  8. Betrayed by Dawn M. Roden
  9. Black Hat Magick by Kyt Dotson
  10. Borrowed Time by Emmy Jackson
  11. Breathless by V. J. Chambers
  12. Chatoyant College by Clare K. R. Miller
  13. Children of the Apocalypse by Skyla Dawn Cameron
  14. Cirno and Purple Steve by 21stcenturydigitalboy
  15. City of Angles by Stefan Gagne
  16. City of Whispers by Shirubia
  17. ConstantChaotic by K. Hat
  18. Dead Too, Rights by Jaeger
  19. Delta Flight by Michael Hughes
  20. Demons and Deadlines by Rebekah Webb
  21. Do Not Take the Shells by Berber
  22. Earthcast by Koryos
  23. Earworm by The Keeper
  24. Eden by Jane Doe
  25. Enter the Farside by Saramoff
  26. Fool – The Forest by Slade Womack
  27. Frozen Youth by Nimja
  28. Gemini Chronicles by Raven Lacrymosa
  29. Ghost Touch by Evan Toe
  30. God Cursed by Katsueki
  31. Hollow World by Jonathan Martin
  32. House of Cats by Joyce Sully
  33. In Our Image by cirruscloudauthor
  1. In Search of Asylum by R Wright
  2. In the Shadow of His Nemesis by Al Bruno III
  3. In This Twilight by Al Bruno III
  4. Indigo by Ophelia Keys
  5. Kandy Fangs by David G Shrock
  6. Karasu by Jisuk Cho
  7. Kliff’s Edge – When Dogs Won’t Dig by Illise Montoya
  8. Layla, One World Warrior by Layla Parkin
  9. Legends by Mel Keegan
  10. Level 51 by Maybonics
  11. Magical Security Taskforce by Adam Pulver
  12. Magician’s Merger by Xenophon Hendrix
  13. Mill Avenue Vexations by Kyt Dotson
  14. Mirrorfall by Grace McDermott
  15. Mischief by V. J. Chambers
  16. Mortal Ghost by L. Lee Lowe
  17. Mortalis Machina by Connor MacDonald
  18. Murkland by Chris George
  19. Mysteries of Our Lives by E. Ty Junior
  20. Night Switch by Flak
  21. Nightlights by Chrysoula Tzavelas
  22. No Man An Island by G.S. Williams
  23. Of Demons and Angels – Paranormal by Stephen Yates
  24. Orphic Phantasia by Dary Meredith
  25. Pact by Wildbow
  26. Peter and the Vampires by Darren Pillsbury
  27. Project M-Verse by Aaron David Harris
  28. R.E.A.P by Crow
  29. Reaper by Taulsn
  30. Rebirth in Darkness by Shroudphoenix
  31. Refuge of Delayed Souls by Miladysa
  32. Scary Mary by S.A. Hunter
  33. Scary True by Scared
  1. Schism – Entropis by Laurie Blake
  2. Sin Eater by Emma Mohr
  3. Spireclaw by Huw Langridge
  4. Stalking Shadows by S.A. Hunter
  5. Sun-kissed by Kashii
  6. Taint by Liv
  7. Tales from the Oddside by Al Bruno III
  8. Tales of MU by Alexandra Erin
  9. The Blue by Christopher Anderson
  10. The City of Insects by K. Pedersen
  11. The Dreaming by Tieshaunn Tanner
  12. The Franklin Castle by Daune O’Shaunnessey
  13. The Investigators by Lora Hibbard
  14. The Legion of Nothing by Jim Zoetewey
  15. The Lighthouse Chronicles by Frances Gonzalez
  16. The Man Who Made Monsters by L.P. Loudon and Erin Klitzke
  17. The Nick of Time (and other abrasions) by Al Bruno III
  18. The Other Kind of Roommate by Tartra
  19. The P.E.T.O.W. incident. by Nagrij
  20. The Paranormal Investigations of Caro Spencer by Casey Todd
  21. The Paranormal Saints: Subterranean by Mike Monroe
  22. Thereamid by Isaac Karth
  23. Tortured by V. J. Chambers
  24. Trembling by V. J. Chambers
  25. Ubiquarian by Charlie S. Johns
  26. Unforeseen Dives by Aheila
  27. Unusual Circumstance by Timothy Dumont Jr.
  28. Void Domain by TowerCurator
  29. Weaver’s Knight by Peter Flanagan
  30. What Lies Unborn by Shroudphoenix
  31. Witches of the Night by Joel Puga
  32. With Drawn by The Keeper
  33. Worm by Wildbow
  34. Yokaishiteru! by Nico H