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10 Ways to Give A New Book A Try – Keep on Reading and Have Fun!

Everyone loves being in their comfort zone and just chill away, but apparently experts say that as long as you’re comfortable, that means you’re not pushing yourself. So once you’re done with your current book or any of your reading schedule, go out there and find a new one to read. Change the genre that you’re usually in, move on to new unheard authors and storyline. Make that change and perhaps you’ll find a new fresh start on reading, and end up reading a lot more.

If you prefer to stay comfortable, perhaps starting out with a book series would be recommended for the long run. Some series could span till up to 5 or 6 books, so that’ll get you going for quite some time. Stephen King’s Dark Tower series is a good example. But ultimately, read what you like and what that catches your attention. Interests do spark some serious initiative and reading more has never been a bad thing. Happy reading! We hope you enjoy this compilation, and don’t forget to visit and subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

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