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10 Love Poems (FREE poetry download)

10 Love Poems (FREE poetry download)

10 Love Poems (FREE poetry download)
by Jason Sturner

10 LOVE POEMS is a collection of Sturner’s most romantic poetry. Cover art by Bethany Thompson.

Click on the link below to start downloading this free ebook:-
10 Love Poems (FREE poetry download) – 12 pages, 259 KB (PDF)

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  1. Love

    the most realistic poem that seem so true?

  2. Nanlove

    I don’t think the poems are for me, because we just met, and he has been talking about the girl he likes. whenever he sends me love poems after love poems, he just ends it with, “good evening”.

    what does he want me to say, “it’s a good poem”, or “you’re a good poet”?

    I just want to know what he wants to hear from me.

  3. Verdinon

    I met u as a strenger
    We became good friends
    Hope to meet in heaven
    Where friendship mever ends

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