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Dickess: Lovers and Villains

Dickess: Lovers and Villains

Re-presenting the original story not seen since 1999. Today, Commander Aierowen ‘Arrow’ Dickess is head of her world’s security force. But twenty years ago, in the Second Galactic War she was Patrol Three leader Aierowen Dickess. Now, lose ends from that war return to snare Arrow ina case of slavery and mind control. It’s a case where she’ll need all of her wits- and a good right-cross. From Dragoon to Earth and back, Arrow finds herself dealing with friends and enemies- with Lovers and Villains.

These stories were originally presented in the book “Dickess: Vol 1. Prisoner of the Past”. This book was published by Vantage Press through the process of Self Publishing in the year 1999. This 2017 edition has been completely re-typed, typos corrected, and the original illustrations, which were pulled due to printing costs, have been restored.



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Dickess: Lovers and Villains

by Madison Bruffy (PDF) – 140 pages

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