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Beauty and the Beast Book Cover Design Variations

The latest Beauty and the Beast book to movie adaptation just recently hit the movie scene, and it’s only proper that we cover this literature with 100 of its book cover design variations. The designs in this video is not just book covers by its original publishers, but fan-made ones, including other designs created by other design artists. Some may include movie related covers as well.

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Best Piece of Financial Advice from Books – 20 Best Nuggest of Financial Widsom

Money is always the perceived defining factor in people’s lives today, to certain extent, and depending on how one wants to live his life. Having said that, everything and anything has a background story behind it and how it can be managed in a more efficient manner to maximize the returns. Most of these nuggets of financial wisdom can be found from books and they do bring countless benefits to those who take advantage of them.

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13 Reasons Why – 20 Book Cover Design Variations

Find 20 Book Cover Design Variations for the popular 13 Reasons Why Book & Netflix Series. Regardless no matter how popular this TV series is, give the book a try and get a deeper understanding of the storyline. You know what people say, the book is always better than the movie.

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The Life Cycle of A Library Book

We chronicle the most common life cycle of a library book right after it’s ready for distribution to selected libraries in the world. From arrival to being made “top pick”, and placed under the limelight, to getting worn out and being recycled, here’s the video that covers all that.

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Stephen King’s IT – 70 Book Cover Design Variations

Popular books usually have multiple editions and revisions of their covers, including those awesome fan-made ones. It’s pleasantly nice to view various book cover designs of your favorite books, knowing that you can relate to every single meaning that the book cover is trying to send out.

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