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Category: Spirituality

The Book of Formation

Unsealed account of the ORIGIN of Life, Order, Patterns, Structure, Organization, and ‘The Absolute Frame Of Reference’ ‘ – ‘The Frame Of Reference Of The Creation’ – the ultimate origin of space, time and matter, and all the entities into existence in that which is called the UNIVERSE.

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Callista is an attempt to imagine and express, from a Catholic point of view, the feelings and mutual relations of Christians and heathens at the period to which it belongs, and it has been undertaken as the nearest approach which the Author could make to a more important work suggested to him from a high ecclesiastical quarter.

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Loss and Gain

A TALE, directed against the Oxford converts to the Catholic Faith, was sent from England to the author of this Volume in the summer of 1847, when he was resident at Santa Croce in Rome. Its contents were as wantonly and preposterously fanciful, as they were injurious to those whose motives and actions it professed to represent; but a formal criticism or grave notice of it seemed to him out of place.

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Bridges for Honest Skeptics

Mathematician, physicist, inventor, and philosopher Blaise Pascal once noted that God provides enough evidence of himself for people who are open to it and enough obscurity for those who aren’t. But frequent misunderstandings, biases, and misrepresentations sometimes confuse even unclosed minds. This phone-friendly e-book, a labor of love by a scientist and former honest skeptic – a person who believes in, seeks, and wants to embrace truth – mitigates some of these distortions.

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