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Author: John

25 Wonderful Sites With Short Form Fiction & Non-Fiction

The rise for demand for short form stories and ebooks have been increasing a lot lately. Treat them as comfort-reads for those who read while travelling to and from work, snuggling into their pillow just before bed or relaxing in a coffee shop in their lunch breaks. A quick run-away from the real world to a short fantasy world where you can temporarily stop focusing on everyday errands and work related things. Novels are still popular definitely, but it’s always good to see that short form fiction is on the rise. Imagine this as a novel without the long...

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Dickess: Lovers and Villains

Re-presenting the original story not seen since 1999. Today, Commander Aierowen ‘Arrow’ Dickess is head of her world’s security force. But twenty years ago, she found in the Second Galactic War as Patrol Three leader Aierowen Dickess. Now, lose ends from that war return to snare Arrow ina case of slavery and mind control.

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Division Clock

Division Clock is a surreal insight into the workings of the mind of a protagonist who has lost all hope. If you are looking for something deep, dark and imaginative, then this story is for you. If you prefer to read something that questions all your assumptions of how and where you expect a story to lead you, this is for you. The writing aims to reflect the kaleidoscopic stream of thoughts of a person lost in their own melancholia, bordering on downright insanity.

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