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3 Tails and a Wink

3 Tails and a Wink by Rosa Sterner

3 Tails and a Wink

by Rosa Sterner

3 Tails and a Wink (loaded with color photographs) is not only the true life story of 4 dogs who live together in rural Pennsylvania but an introduction to them lovingly written by their owner and author, Rosa Sterner. In this first book, we get to know all about Mr. Tail (the Jack Russell Terrier), Ravy (the Lab), Snowy (the American Eskimo) and Coconut (the tailless Welsh Corgi who can wink). It also explains how these 4 different types of dogs-from different states somehow came together and are now the best of friends. The second ebook about them is titled Winter Fun with 3 Tails and a Wink. Both will remind us of the wonderfulness of animals.

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3 Tails and a Wink – 15 pages, 3.43 MB (PDF)

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