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Social Life and Economics

Social Life and Economics by Sumeet

Social Life and Economics

by Sumeet

This text introduces the Nonprofit Economy. Nonprofit Economy is an alternative economic setup for people who are dissatisfied with current conventional economic setup and are looking for alternatives.

To have a healthy society economics is only one of many things that we need to look into. There are lot of other things that comes into play in order to have a healthy society. A package consisting of economic setup, banks, mechanisms for social administration, education, ethics and solutions that goes into building a healthy society is labeled as the ‘Nonprofit Economy’ which is described in the book ‘social Life and Economics’.

What is a ‘Nonprofit Economy’?

A ‘Nonprofit Economy’ is an alternative economic setup where people choose to live with Nonprofit Ethics. In the Nonprofit Economy people have two kinds of earnings. Resource Earnings and Services Earnings. In the Nonprofit Economy people conform to an ethical limit on their Services earnings.

Such an economic setup give rise to changes in the how people work, our education, the governance, open sharing and collaboration between organizations and individuals. And an environment where there is no need of of protectionist measures like patents.

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