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Sony Reader Adds 500,000 Free Ebooks to Its Collection Through Partnership with Google

Good news sure do travel fast. Through a recent partnership between Sony and Google (reported by DownloadSquad), Sony Ebook Store will gain an additional half a million public domain ebooks, totally free to be downloaded right away. Don’t expect for any latest ebooks as this list belongs to the public domain, hence were written quite a while back. Nevertheless, this is a big news for all Sony Reader owners.

“Together with Google, Sony brings you access to over 500,000 public domain books for free. Now you can search, browse, and read over half a million public domain books preserved by the world’s great libraries on your Sony Reader. ” – Sony Ebook Store

The procedures are simple to follow …

  1. Download eBook Library Software.
  2. Register an account.
  3. Search for a book.
  4. Read on the PC or transfer to the reader.

Click on the link below to check it out:-
Sony & Google Public Domain eBooks

If you need a step by step instructions on how you can grab these ebooks, click here.

If 500,000 ebooks are not enough, you might want to jump over to this site and get more of those public domain goodness. Click on the link below to know more:-
20+ places for public domain ebooks by



  • RE Mant

    Unfortunately despite all the hype, this does not work and you will not get any free Google books returned in a search.

  • LJN

    went to browse FREE ebooks and everything i found had a price on it!? what’s with that?

  • kathryn bonello

    why can’t i download free e-books as i was promised by best buy where i purchased my reader? bad service and even worse4 representation!!!!!

  • Melissa

    Yes they are LYING. You can go to google books and search and even find your books, just when you think YAY i can read my book and not pay 10$, NOPE its just the cover and what you find on the back of the book. They are lying to get you to use their program, dont do it.

  • Chrystal

    You have to search for the free books through the Sony Reader Library that you download to your computer with your Reader. You go the the store & the icon should be on the main page towards the bottom on the right. There are a lot of classics, haven’t found anything modern yet.

  • Melynda

    If you go through Sonys ebook store, go to Categories and then eBook Store Classics, but they are a $1.99. But if you go to other sites they are available to for free. But they are classics, books whose copyrights have expired. I got several from (i.e. Jane Austen’s books, Dracula, Wuthering Heights). You just have to import them from your computer to the Reader Library. I’ve synced mine and have not had any problems so far.

  • Willa

    Thanks Chrystal. These books are indeed 100% free – not $1.99. You MUST use the google search box at the bottom right of the home page to access the free books.

  • Shelly

    If you go to your Reader Library that goes with your reader and click on Bargain-Priced they have free books. You can also sometimes go to the diiferant catagories from the home page and click on sort by price and it will give you a lot of free books. I have downloaded 335 free books from the site.

  • Shirley Hansen

    I could read a 350 page book while I go through a;; this looking for free books for my Sony Reader! omly accepts orders for Kindle ebooks…wouldnt you know!

    Oh well, next I’ll go to the public library and try getting books from there onto my Sony Reader!
    Bye for now!

  • Susan

    You can download books for free at the library. You just have to have a library card and find your local library online. The books delete themselves when the book is due.

  • Mrs. M Underwood

    I thought that, in this day and age I would be able to download free books easily to the sony reader but, hey, no can do. Have spent ages trying to get the one thing I was promised when I bought the wretched thing. Am fed up and would like my money back but, as it’s regestered ,I can’t Blooming thing!

  • http://google liz

    what a waste of time i spent over twp hours trying to get free e-books but i couldnt manage to i kept getting redirected to pages where you need to pay …………load of rubbish this page is no better than any other.. a joke .
    Admin: These ebooks can only be downloaded through Sony’s Reader Library software. Google’s Public Domain eBooks do exist and can be accessed through this software. If you’re not sure on how to do this, we’ve created a step by step instructions on how you can download them. Click here to know more.

  • Christine

    You HAVE to click on the google books link on the sony e reader store to find the free google books. I’ve downloaded lots and lots of them and they ARE free.

  • Cynthia

    I was told by a friend, that in order to access sites with free ebooks, you need a micro memory sim card and a card reader for the Sony ereader.More money of course.

  • Lin Tomlinson

    I looked forward to using my reader. However now I would like to throw it at the wall. It’s difficult to navigate and the free books are invisible only those you pay for can be seen. Told to download from the reader to my comp! What is the point I may as well join the local library. Its rubbish and not what you are told to expect I wish I had been given the kindle fire for xmas like my daughter hers is so easy!


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