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Making Kindle friendly

If you’re the proud owner of either one or both Kindle / Kindle 2.0, you’ll notice that it doesn’t support DOC or PDF formats. There are ways to convert it yourself or get Amazon to do it for you (click here to know more). The best way is in my opinion, to get MobiPocket Creator and convert your PDF ebooks into unprotected Mobipocket PRC formats.

Since a majority of the ebooks here are in PDF formats, probably around 99%, we have started posting ebooks in PDF and PRC (Kindle friendly format) from this point onwards. We need your help, especially those who have Kindle in their possession to test out these newly converted PRC formats, to ensure that they’re in an acceptable reading structure. We believe that certain “complex” features that you can see in DOC / PDF documents usually are not preserved when converted to PRC, but the text remains readable in a nicely formatted manner.

The ebooks which you start testing right away are Live Like a King or Queen for Pennies on the Dollar and Sojourn: The Soul’s Evolution on Earth. Feel free to use our contact form here to report back any weird stuff going on with the ebook, etc. Help is greatly appreciated with a big thanks.

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