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Human Resources Management
by ATG Educational

This is an entry-level Human Resources Management course from ATG Educational created with the purpose of offering an insight into the work of Human Resources professionals in most of today’s organizations. The course will take the reader all the way from a general perspective on Human Resources Management to specific concepts as performance management and staff development while ensuring that every aspect is presented in a friendly language, with all specific terms clearly explained in order for the reader to understand the concepts regardless of the level of previous HR experience. All concepts are illustrated and packed with practical advice so even an experienced HR professional could find useful information.

The course was developed by a team of specialists from ATG Educational – London Office who – by the use of inter-disciplinary co-operation – managed to deliver not only a professionally rich content but also an interesting and easy to understand text.

Sorry, this ebook is no longer available (Website down).



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  • Veasna

    I would interesting in your web address and I would to get some learn from your lesson here.

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    can you pls send me the soft copy of the human resources management(pdf). I tried downloading the file, but the adobe reader complained of a bad file.

  • DoullsH

    Human Resources Management
    [by ATG Educational]

    Ths ebook is really use full to get a basic knowladge about HR . . .
    Thnxa. . .

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    can you send me e-books about adminestration secially human recourse

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    This is a very nice book for HRD professional

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    it is an excellent book

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    Trying to download Human Resources Management (PDF) – but kept on being redirected to free on line courses and no Download possible? Where is the link gone?

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    i need to get a written material on ethics of human resource and i want it free pls

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    thanks for alot

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    It helpfull keep it up

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    i want to have a human resource management book to myself cause i have not a book entittled Hr but do in human resource activitites.

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    its nice to still have this kinda sites that allows for limited free download.i would appreciate if you can send me e books on educational consultancy in administration/human resources.hope to get a feedback from you soonest.

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    i am interest for hr books for company work

  • Mel


    Please can you advise me if this and anything similar for HR is available for email or download?

    Many thanks

    Admin: Hi Mel, try this –

  • Abdikadir

    I appreciate the gifts we have receiving from your site and we thank on it,
    my i request from you to send me e book for Customer Relationship Management, strategic implementation
    thanks a Lott

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    Hi, I’m a qualified human resources officer, i would like to get more information on how to maintain a good relationship between management and employees in multicultural factory… i had read so much about this site and appreciate every minute of it..

  • Stella Emereuwaonu


    Your website is a very good one. I am pursuing a course in HRM and part of my course work is on capital market analysis. I am wondering if you could help me with some free ebooks on it or if possible, the website i will go to, that will help me. I will also be grateful if you will also help with some ebooks on Advanced Personnel Management and Advanced Industrial Relations. Thank you very much, Sir. You are very kind. Stella

  • Mustafa Hamidi

    hello Sir / Mada,

    I am a student of BBA, and one month later is my Internship, unfortunately the college doesn’t allow use to keep the books with us during summer vocations so kindly would you please send me the PDF or any Book of HRM to solve my problems.

    Thank You very Much,
    Mustafa HAMIDI


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