Free Ebooks – Europe’s fastest growing publishing house

What enables to grow so fast is that they provide free downloadable ebooks, mainly targeted at students. You can download these ebooks from the website in PDF without registration or signing up for anything.

Because of this easy approach, they have more than 2 million downloads a year, and now they are entering the UK market.

The unique part of the book concept is that they provide students with short versions of around 100 pages of their normal 800 page text books . This can be within for example microeconomics, in their 100 page short book focuses only on the main theories and eliminates the cases and other filling that American text books are normally full of. These are perfect for exam preparation and have become a huge success everywhere. This is why after 4 years, they’re present in 13 European countries.

They finance the books through a low number of ads from potential future employers. See more information in the attached Press release, and feel free to download a book from just to try it out.

Visit this site and start downloading the free ebooks now! or click here for their Press Release
They even have their own facebook page.

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