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Buddhism for the Non-Buddhist Layman

by Pablo Antuna
Buddhism for the Non-Buddhist Layman is a quick and to the point introduction to Buddhism. With its 30 pages, it covers the fundamental tenets of Buddhism in a way anyone could understand. It is ideal for those people interested in Buddhism and who don’t know where to start. I really recommend it as a starting point.

The book is divided in three chapters:
The Buddha: Here I present our teacher, the Buddha. Who is this man who set this incredible and fascinating tradition in motion? Why did he have so much influence?

The Buddha’s Insight: Here I talk about the theoretical teachings of the Buddha. What he taught about the nature of the world and the self. You don’t need to be a monk or a Ph.D. in Philosophy, you will see that what he taught is pretty easy to understand and to experience in our life.

The Path To Achieve Liberation: This chapter describes the Path the Buddha pointed out to achieve liberation. What should we do? How should we live?

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Buddhism for the Non-Buddhist Layman (PDF)




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