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Semiconductors are very similar to insulators. The two categories of solids differ primarily in that insulators have larger band gaps — energies that electrons must acquire to be free to flow. In semiconductors at room temperature, just as in insulators, very few electrons gain enough thermal energy to leap the band gap, which is necessary for conduction. For this reason, pure semiconductors and insulators, in the absence of applied fields, have roughly similar electrical properties. The smaller bandgaps of semiconductors, however, allow for many other means besides temperature to control their electrical properties.

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Compound Semiconductor Devices, Spring 2003 by Mit Opencourseware
Industrial Policy And Semiconductors: Missing The Target by Andrew Ronald Dick
Materials For High-temperature Semiconductor Devices by Committee On Materials For High-temperature Semiconductor Devices
Photoelectric Properties and Applications of Low-Mobility Semiconductors by Rolf Könenkamp
Productivity And Cyclicality In Semiconductors: Trends, Implications, And Questions — Report Of A Symposium by Dale W. Jorgenson And Charles W. Wessner
Securing The Future: Regional And National Programs To Support The Semiconductor Industry by Charles W. Wessner
Semiconductor Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics by Yamamoto
Semiconductor Optoelectronics: Theory and Design, Fall 2002 by Mit Opencourseware