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70 Absolute Reasons Why You Must Read

This post simply does not need any introduction or further explanation. Reading is good and everybody should be doing it, no matter how busy or occupied you are, irregardless of your age. Happy reading!
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183 Free Ebooks You Must Read Before You Die

Call this the book nerd’s bucket list, or the ultimate reading achievement – this is perhaps a list of titles that everybody can get their hands on. Why? Simply because reading is good for you and most importantly, they’re totally free!
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101 Tips to Fight & Overcome Writer's Block

Are you seemingly tired from checking your long list of free ebook sites individually for the latest updates? Anxious to know of other sites that you can browse around? If you answered yes to all of the above, then you're in luck as we have the answer for you.
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How To Search Free Ebooks Independently Like A Search Engine

If you’re on a more general searching mode, e.g. searching free ebooks from a particular genre or category, then the following sites should provide you with abundant amount of materials that you can immerse yourself into...
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44 Web Design Tips & Tricks

Easy and straightforward layout, this ebook lists down the top 44 most popular Web Design trips and tricks, with further resources which you can explore and know in greater details. Labeled as an “infographic-based” ebook, you won’t find much text in there, but rather icons and easy to digest titles.
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OpenAccess Books by Hachette Book Group

OpenAccess Books by Hachette Book Group

OpenAccess Books by Hachette Book Group

An interesting thing about this site is its trademark term, OpenAccess, which will allow readers to view 100% of a book’s content on In other words, they’re trying to simulate a way of allowing customers to ‘try’ a book before making a purchase. You can view their OpenAccess ebooks entirely online using their flash powered system, allowing you to turn pages like how you would in real life. You can search for certain keywords and even navigate yourself through chapters from their non-obtrusive table of contents.

If you can find more of the currently listed OpenAccess ebooks in the site, please do let me know by leaving your comment, but from my own searching, I’ve found at least 41 books that belong to this category. This should keep everyone busy for quite sometime.

Click on the link below to start downloading this free ebook:-
OpenAccess Books by Hachette Book Group – Online (OpenAccess)

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21 Web 2.0 Book Sites to Explore
BookJetty is a social utility that connects you with your friends’ bookshelves and checks books’ availability in the libraries. It was started off as the creator’s pet project to solve the problems that were encountered, to log the books from the reading list in a spreadsheet and to frequently check books’ availability in the libraries. For a start, BookJetty links up with only Singapore National Library Board. Now, it connects with more than 300 libraries worldwide from 11 different countries, i.e. US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong, and more. The list still grows based on suggestions from librarians and BookJetty users.
Free for personal use, Wobook allows you to easily create your ebooks (newspaper, albums, drawings, flyers,etc.) in a few clicks and share them by publishing their releases on the web through an interactive 3D book either on your blog, emails, myspace, facebook or any other platforms. Supported type of files for conversion include PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Open Office files and many more. Hosting and storage are also provided. Wobooks can also be formatted and printed on-the-fly in PDF format.
Big Book Search helps you to find items including books, CDs, DVDs, and more, by their high resolution cover images provided by Amazon. All products listed are from Amazon.

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Pack Of 18 Gratis Niche E-Books

Pack Of Eighteen Gratis Niche E-Books
by Pierre Du Plessis

Kayaking, Paintball for beginners, Snowboarding, Backyard Activities, After School Activities, Marksmanship Manual for Rifles and Handguns, Family Fishing, Hunting, Brewer’s Recipes, Study Loans for Students, Mountain Biking for Fitness and Family Fun, Beat the Casinos All-in-one Guide – systems for Casino, Bingo, Craps, Blackjack, Lotteries, Poker, Roulette, Slots and Horse Racing, Amsterdam Travel Guide, Caribbean Vacations, Travel Guide for Nine Continents, Ski Vacations, Old-time Formulas, Remedies and Recipes, Travel Tips to twenty five European Countries.

Click on the link below to download these free ebooks:-
Pack Of 18 Gratis Niche E-Books (PDF) – 8MB (Right click & save)
Also visit Pierre’s site by clicking here, there are more free ebooks to be downloaded.

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Mammoth Free Ebooks

I feel that a post of this magnitude should be done once in a while to portray the greatness of ebooks in cyberspace. Not only ebooks are cheaper to produce, but most importantly, each ebook represents a few trees that you save from being cut down. This kind of post will come in once in a while, consisting of a long list of free ebooks from various categories. Instead of wrapping each ebook within a post, why not make a post to wrap around dozens of ebooks? Enough of mumbo jumbo, here you go with our first MAMMOTH FREE EBOOK updates…

  1. Tones of SAP Ebooks
  2. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  3. Free ebooks on Philippine history (History)
  4. O’Reilly’s Open Ebooks (Computers & Internet)
  5. The Underground Railroad: Narratives, Letters & Escapes (History)
  6. Vulnerability Management for Dummies
  7. Free ebooks on Creativity and Design
  8. 4 Free and Great Programming Ebooks
  9. Two Free eBooks From Lon Safko (Fiction & Non-Fiction)
  10. Type in Berlin (Web 2.0 Typography)
  11. Free eBooks, Excerpts, Stories!
  12. Science fiction and fantasy books published by Dragon Moon Press
  13. Free audiobooks from the public domain
  14. The Burgomeister’s Books – Free ebook library
  15. The Online Books Page
  16. Free Online Literature with more than 2000 Classic Texts
  17. Cornell University Library (524,213 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics)
  18. Free eBooks for your PDA, iPhone, or eBook reader (Various topics in various formats)
  19. Free Novels Online and Free Online Cyberbooks
  20. The Universal Digital Library (A lot of ebooks)
  21. Page by Page Books (Hundreds of classic books)
  22. Carmilla by J. Sheridan LeFanu (Vampire based novella)
  23. Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  24. Bleak House by Charles Dickens
  25. Information Overload (Information, advertising & communications)
  26. The CoCreative Consumer (Consumers)
  27. Short Stories & Flash Fiction
  28. The Short Story (They even have competitions)
  29. 17 Short Story Sites (In various formats)
  30. (Over 8.3 million pages of literature summaries, biographies, literary criticism, essays, encyclopedias, and eBooks)
  31. – Free Online Library, Poems & Short Stories
  32. Tons of Short Stories
  33. ABC Radio 2007 Short Story Project (In audio formats)
  34. Short Inspiring Stories (Some are just in a paragraph or two)
  35. – e-publishing co-op based at Iowa State University where hundreds of writers, editors and scholars gather to publish over 35,000 works free of charge.
  36. Free Mobipocket eBooks
  37. 1.5 Million Ebooks for mobile


  1. 5 Free Useful PDF Tools
  2. Stanza – Popular e-book reader for the iPhone

News / Articles

  1. 20 Reasons Why 2009 Will Be the Year of the eBook
  2. 1000 novels everyone must read

This should keep you occupied for a long time. If you’ve found any broken links or wish to provide a review on any of the links above, do leave it in the comments section. I’ll leave this post as sticky for a couple of days and see how it goes. Enjoy!

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