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183 Free Ebooks You Must Read Before You Die

Call this the book nerd’s bucket list, or the ultimate reading achievement – this is perhaps a list of titles that everybody can get their hands on. Why? Simply because reading is good for you and most importantly, they’re totally free!
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101 Tips to Fight & Overcome Writer's Block

Are you seemingly tired from checking your long list of free ebook sites individually for the latest updates? Anxious to know of other sites that you can browse around? If you answered yes to all of the above, then you're in luck as we have the answer for you.
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How To Search Free Ebooks Independently Like A Search Engine

If you’re on a more general searching mode, e.g. searching free ebooks from a particular genre or category, then the following sites should provide you with abundant amount of materials that you can immerse yourself into...
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29 Sites That Monitor Amazon For Free Kindle eBooks

It’s a tedious thing to monitor time sensitive offers at Amazon, especially free ones these days. Fortunately independent sites that monitor such offers do exist and the good news is – they’re in abundance. Daily offers or very limited time free kindle ebook offers will be posted on a daily basis, allowing you the option to download and sample these stories without the need to log in to Amazon for the latest lists.
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41 Free Audiobook Sites

From books to ebooks to audiobooks. Depending on your daily schedule and personal preferences, you might opt for something different, something which is somehow the most convenient for you. Although speed can be a factor, getting audiobooks as an alternative medium to get your readings done can be an enjoyable experience.
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The Pollinator Profiles: Volume 1

The Pollinator Profiles: Volume 1 by Athena Rayne Anderson

The Pollinator Profiles: Volume 1

by Athena Rayne Anderson

This e-book is a compilation of the first year’s Pollinator Profiles posts, published on Each post details the fascinating life of a pollinator, from bats and bees, to lizards! The e-book is the first time these 39 informative posts have been gathered in one place, and is organized by animal group for ease of use. You’ll find amazing stories of tiny bees, kinkajous, and wasps, and how they contribute to our food supply and/or the health of our ecosystems.

Click on the link below to start downloading this free ebook:-
The Pollinator Profiles: Volume 1 – 60 pages, 3.79 MB (PDF)

Items posted here are free at the time of posting. If you find they are no longer free, kindly notify us immediately through our contact form.

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6 Free Agricultural & Earth Science Ebooks

6 Free Agricultural & Earth Science Ebooks
by Various Authors

These ebooks include:-

  1. Sediment Transport by Silvia Susana Ginsberg (Environmental Science, Earth Science)
  2. Soybean – Applications and Technology by Tzi-Bun Ng (Agricultural)
  3. Soybean – Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physiology by Tzi-Bun Ng (Agricultural)
  4. Soybean – Molecular Aspects of Breeding by Aleksandra Sudaric (Agricultural)
  5. Desalination, Trends and Technologies by Michael Schorr (Agricultural)
  6. Pesticides – Formulations, Effects, Fate by Margarita Stoytcheva (Agricultural)


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26 Biological & Agricultural Free Ebooks

Wulibraries has listed down a huge list of free Bio and Agri based ebooks from Springer. Great and useful for those who are in this field. Some of the list of ebooks you’ll find include:-

Water and the Cell
Plant Proteomics
Microbial Sulfur Metabolism
Vertebrate Conservation and Biodiversity

And many many more …

Click on the link below to jump over to the site.
26 Biological & Agricultural Free Ebooks

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