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70 Absolute Reasons Why You Must Read

This post simply does not need any introduction or further explanation. Reading is good and everybody should be doing it, no matter how busy or occupied you are, irregardless of your age. Happy reading!
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183 Free Ebooks You Must Read Before You Die

Call this the book nerd’s bucket list, or the ultimate reading achievement – this is perhaps a list of titles that everybody can get their hands on. Why? Simply because reading is good for you and most importantly, they’re totally free!
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101 Tips to Fight & Overcome Writer's Block

Are you seemingly tired from checking your long list of free ebook sites individually for the latest updates? Anxious to know of other sites that you can browse around? If you answered yes to all of the above, then you're in luck as we have the answer for you.
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How To Search Free Ebooks Independently Like A Search Engine

If you’re on a more general searching mode, e.g. searching free ebooks from a particular genre or category, then the following sites should provide you with abundant amount of materials that you can immerse yourself into...
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44 Web Design Tips & Tricks

Easy and straightforward layout, this ebook lists down the top 44 most popular Web Design trips and tricks, with further resources which you can explore and know in greater details. Labeled as an “infographic-based” ebook, you won’t find much text in there, but rather icons and easy to digest titles.
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CookFiction – Real Recipes for Imaginary Foods

“No matter our age, everyone in our household knows that cooking and eating together is where the fun is.” – Corky Pollan

CookFiction is a recipe library for foods that have been inspired by works of fiction. It’s sort of like a Wikipedia for fictional foods. Are you an avid fan of Harry Potter and wish you could get some drinks or food from this fantasy to real life and spice up some party for your kids? Appetizers, snacks, drinks, entrees, side dishes and desserts are some of the type of dishes you can find on this site and can be browsed by categories such as Anime & Manga, Books, Movies, TV Shows and Video Games.


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13 Free Audiobooks by Scott Sigler

“When you read a book, the story definitely happens inside your head. When you listen, it seems to happen in a little cloud all around it, like a fuzzy knit cap pulled down over your eyes.” – Robin Sloan

Enjoy these free downloadable free audiobooks by Scott Sigler, ranging from various genres such as horror, science fiction, fiction, thriller, urban fantasy and young adult. Some are labeled as explicit, and can stretch up to over 30 chapters. If you enjoy any of the audiobooks hosted by, feel free to tip the author. Happy listening!


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9 Free Science Fiction & Fiction Shorts by Dan Haight

“Science fiction is the most important literature in the history of the world, because it’s the history of ideas, the history of our civilization birthing itself. …Science fiction is central to everything we’ve ever done, and people who make fun of science fiction writers don’t know what they’re talking about.” – Ray Bradbury

Do you like science fiction? Are you a writer? Are you trying to make good changes in your life? Come join Dan on this journey! He talks a lot about the process of writing, sci-fi and of being the best version of himself. All ebooks are available in all popular formats – the only drawback is that you need to email Dan to receive a copy.

The titles are as follow:-

  1. Fort Ross Nova – Sci-Fi
  2. No Good Deed – Sci-Fi
  3. Hewittsville – Sci-Fi
  4. The Guys Who Built Auschwitz – Sci-Fi
  5. The Next Few Hours – Sci-Fi
  6. CrimeGeek – Sci-Fi
  7. Execution Services, Inc – Sci-Fi
  8. (Just Like) Starting Over – Fiction
  9. 16 and Pregnant – Fiction


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16 Free Fairy Tales

“The way to read a fairy tale is to throw yourself in.” – W.H. Auden

The stories you can find here are both ‘feminist’ and ‘fairy tales.’ They keep all the traditional fairy tale elements, using strong, smart girls and women as the ‘heros.’ Often instead of the ‘good king’ there is a ‘good queen,’ and other helpers are ‘good witches’ and female animals. Most are re-tellings of old stories with the genders reversed; some are original with all good characters being strong females, and some feminist motifs such as maiden/mother/crone. Many feature non-traditional families.


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