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70 Absolute Reasons Why You Must Read

This post simply does not need any introduction or further explanation. Reading is good and everybody should be doing it, no matter how busy or occupied you are, irregardless of your age. Happy reading!
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183 Free Ebooks You Must Read Before You Die

Call this the book nerd’s bucket list, or the ultimate reading achievement – this is perhaps a list of titles that everybody can get their hands on. Why? Simply because reading is good for you and most importantly, they’re totally free!
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101 Tips to Fight & Overcome Writer's Block

Are you seemingly tired from checking your long list of free ebook sites individually for the latest updates? Anxious to know of other sites that you can browse around? If you answered yes to all of the above, then you're in luck as we have the answer for you.
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How To Search Free Ebooks Independently Like A Search Engine

If you’re on a more general searching mode, e.g. searching free ebooks from a particular genre or category, then the following sites should provide you with abundant amount of materials that you can immerse yourself into...
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44 Web Design Tips & Tricks

Easy and straightforward layout, this ebook lists down the top 44 most popular Web Design trips and tricks, with further resources which you can explore and know in greater details. Labeled as an “infographic-based” ebook, you won’t find much text in there, but rather icons and easy to digest titles.
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Hundreds of Free Prize-Winning Ebooks Online

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.” – Robert Frost

You can read online the complete text of books that have won major literary prizes, like the Newbery Award, the Nobel Prize, and the Pulitzer Prize. The ebooks listed are either out of copyright (at least in the US), or are online with the permission of the copyright holder. Ranging as early as 1901 till as late as 2009, you may find around 200 ebooks, freely downloadable in various popular formats. The Online Books Page is developed in collaboration with many people and projects – if you wish to get involved, click here to know more.


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Hundreds of Digitized Materials from the Rare Book & Special Collections Division

“The problem with ebooks is you can’t get booger smears on the pages.” – Jarod Kintz

Digitized versions from dozens of various sources, ranging from J. Rosenwald, Jay I. Kislak, Sir Francis Drake, Thomas Jefferson to science and gastronomy books. Many more genres and topics to choose from which come in various popular ebook formats. In total you may find over hundreds of ebooks, viewable and downloadable for free. Hope you guys find this collection from Library of Congress informative. Happy reading!


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The Pulp Magazines Project

“Magazines all too frequently lead to books and should be regarded by the prudent as the heavy petting of literature.” – Fran Lebowitz

The Pulp Magazines Project is an open-access digital archive dedicated to the study and preservation of one of the twentieth century’s most influential literary & artistic forms: the all-fiction pulpwood magazine. The Project also provides information on the history of this important but long neglected medium, along with biographies of pulp authors, artists, and their publishers.


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23,469 Classics To Go

“All books are divisible into two classes: the books of the hours, and the books of all Time.” – John Ruskin, Sesame and Lilies

“We take 23,469 classic books, package them up, and make them all available to download and read with our fully featured ereader. All with reviews, handcrafted collections, and gorgeous high resolution covers.” – Digital Press Publishing.


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