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The Printer’s Devil

Alan Bellman falls prey to a trap laid in the 17th century by wizard Roger Southwell. Though her husband becomes a helpless spirit-captive, the dead warlock’s long-laid plans are thrown into confusion by Alan’s wife, the other half of this 20th-century couple, who finds allies in unexpected places – Fabian and Katherine Stedman, two of the wizard’s 17th-century contemporaries.

The Monster Story Conference

Three men sit in a room. Their mission: by the end of the day, create a brand new science fiction adventure story, and it has to include monsters. Whose vision will be realized?

Senzo and the Sun

The morning sun creeps over the horizon and peeps through the leaves, waking Senzo. Gogo’s rooster shakes his wings, stretches his neck and crows, Koek-a-loek-a-loo! Join Senzo and the sun as they journey through the day.

(Video) 10 Tips on How to Start and Run a Book Club

In this video, we’ll share with you on how you can start, plan, manage, celebrate, and run a book club the proper way. If you’re currently in one, or planning to start one, feel free to share your thoughts on this matter.

Greegs and Ladders

Greegs & Ladders is a wildly exciting tale of three oddball characters romping around space and time. Equal parts social satire and fun loving adventure, Greegs promises laughs, a few mildly intelligent and/or interesting observations, & several run-on sentences.

Avoid Clashes

Avoid clash. If just this principle alone were to be absorbed in one’s life, then his daily life will be filled with peace and harmony. In addition, such a person will attain liberation without any obstacles. There is no dispute about this.


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